Departure day is almost here. My journey from Pembrokeshire starts tomorrow, but I will not reach Southern Chile until Monday the 2nd of Jan. Getting to this stage has taken a lot of hard work and organisation and my thanks go once again to Cherry and Liz for helping me get this far. I would also like to thank Elvira Watts who has attached my corporate sponsor’s logos to my kit. You will see who these are elsewhere on the website.

Also thanks to everyone who has made donations through the website so far, these are trickling in but now that I am actually leaving, please, please make a donation for Teenage Cancer Trust, which is a really worthy cause.

Everything is ready for my departure. My kit is sorted, I have a satellite phone and all the travel arrangements are in place. I leave tomorrow morning and will spend a quiet New Year’s Eve in an hotel in Heathrow with Pamela. I then fly out of UK on Sunday via USA to Southern Chile.

I am feeling – anxious, excited and very focused and really just want to get on with it after all the preparation. I will be endeavouring to post more regular blogs during my trek to keep everyone updated. Next time will be from foreign climes!

Me leaving the office for the last time before my trek

6 responses to "Departure"

  1. Sharon

    Have a safe trip and happy new year x

    6:51 pm - 30/12/2011

  2. Paul & Emma

    Best wishes for you journey, we will be checking in to webpage for news!

    9:56 pm - 30/12/2011

  3. Kath, Georgia, Martha & Andy

    William – Best of luck, return safely!

    10:11 pm - 30/12/2011

  4. Sian and John

    We’ll be thinking of you! Happy New Year and Good Luck all the way. xx

    11:56 am - 31/12/2011

  5. Paul & Trish

    All our best wishes, have a safe journey, we hope there is some decent scotch at Amundsen–Scott Station so that you can celebrate and do something useful with all that ice.

    1:41 pm - 01/01/2012

  6. Good luck William and thank you so much from all at Teenage Cancer Trust!

    11:15 am - 03/01/2012

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