This is history in the making, my first ever blog!  I have to confess I don’t have a facebook page, I don’t do Twitter, Flickr, or anything like that.  I’m actually quite a private person bur realise the importance of this.   Not to promote me but to raise money for my nominated charity Teenage Cancer Trust.

This trek has been in my head for some 18 months now and I started training for it 12 months ago, going to Norway twice on survival and training in the Spring.  That taught me how unfit and flabby I really was so I had to do something about it.  Not being a fan of gyms or fitness regimes the only solution was to find a fitness coach.  Amanda Owen was that solution and she started trying to make something useful of me in July of this year.  Not only did she have to get me fit but I had to rethink what I ate, how much I ate and when I ate.  Anyway to cut a long journey short I am now over 1 stone lighter and a great deal fitter.  I feel better than I have for probably 15 years.

Getting to the South Pole is one thing, getting simply to Antarctica is almost as challenging.  The logisitics of setting up the website, writing to schools, sorting my kit and organising travel arrangements has been a considerable undertaking.  When you have more than a full time job it makes it even more of an ordeal, but I’m very lucky and have 2 great ladies, Cherry and Lizzie, that not only look after me, they run my life and I would be lost without them.  Between them they have done a lot of the grunt work.  As I said my flights are now booked and I leave Heathrow at noon on New Year’s Day.  (No New Year’s Eve celebration for me!)

I would not be going if it was not for my Corporate Sponsors who between them have totally funded the cost of my trip to and from Antarctica.  They are great people with great businesses and I look forward to displaying their logos at the South Pole.  I went down a Corporate sponsor road because I want all the charity donations to go to Teenage Cancer Trust without any deductions for expenses.  For a list of these sponsors click here.  Today is a special day because I have received the first charity donations.  I am going to be a real pain on this blog because this is about raising money, so please if you read this, and you are interested in what I’m doing, please donate here.

To my surprise there has been quite a lot of media interest, it started with an article in County Living Magazine, I had a great double page spread in the Western Mail this week, an article in the Western Telegraph and today ITV Wales interviewed me here at Bluestone for a piece on TV next week.  I am to be on Ray Noble’s show live on Friday 9th Dec at 3.30pm.  Thanks to Owain Betts for all his hard work on the PR front and to Richard Harris for his help primarily on the educational aspects.


More news next week.

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  1. Liam Hewer

    I would like to wish you a very safe trip and hope that you come home in one piece with nothing lost to frost bite! you are an amazing person and a great icon for everyone to learn alot from. A fantastic cause, and a fantastic expedition that I know on behalf of all of Pembrokeshire we wish you the very best and are all behind you. (From the comfort of a warm living room!)
    All the best William,

    12:48 pm - 08/12/2011 Reply

  2. All the best for this huge trip, a very worthy cause.

    Stu Phillips

    3:32 am - 02/01/2012 Reply

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