Tuesday 27th March 2012


TIME: 6.45pm

PRICE: £25, includes buffet


On the back of ten successful years as the driver behind Oakwood Theme Park. William took on the challenge of all year round tourism in one of the UK’s most peninsular counties in Pembrokeshire. He visioned and created the Bluestone National Park Resort, described as “the biggest and most ambitious start-up Wales has ever seen” After 12 torturous years in planning, financing and legal wrangles Bluestone became a reality and now three years later he is setting off to conquer another personal challenge, the last degree of Antarctica. 

Training for the 100km trek unsupported to the pole in freezing temperatures and through hostile terrain has really tested his physical and mental capability. The last challenge is the 100k he is raising for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Where do you start when taking on a mammoth task, why do it, how do you overcome the challenges you face and what’s next? If you would like to find out more, William will be hosting a series of evenings to talk about his exploits and how vision, risk and startegy are the key to success.

If you would like to book a ticket, table or the whole evening please see the information below.

Contact: 01834 887 902

a proportion of the ticket price will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust