I have been fascinated by Antarctica for many years. It is a continent of superlatives, the largest, the highest, the coldest, the driest on the planet.

It is also the least known and the least visited continent on earth. The route we intend to follow, has been trodden by only some 500 human beings in the history of mankind. Scott’s epic expedition which sadly lead to his death and those of his team members on the return journey was undoubtedly a remarkable feat of endurance and heroism. The centenary of that trip has Welsh connections as well as being of national interest.

My proposed trek is nothing like the journey that he and his colleagues undertook in terms of distance, but the conditions will be the same. We will have the distinct advantage of modern clothing and equipment and the ability to be transported to Antarctica and within Antarctica by air. The centenary of Scott’s journey should be acknowledged by Great Britain, I intend to be part of that acknowledgement.

From a personal perspective I am very lucky at 55 years of age to be fit, healthy and capable of undertaking such a journey: coping with the extremes of weather and having the mental fortitude and physical endurance to undertake the challenge, so this expedition for me is a celebration of that fact. I am fully aware that most people are not as lucky as I am in that respect. Health is something we take for granted until it either erodes or is snatched away from us. Being diagnosed with a life threatening illness such as cancer in your formative years is something that most of us would never have to endure, but sadly some do and I will genuinely reflect on this during the expedition.

I have specifically asked Teenage Cancer Trust to record for me personal stories and reflections of cancer sufferers, treated by the Trust, for inspiration during the trek. Sadly cancer sufferers are not the only people effected by the disease, their siblings, parents, extended family and friends can all become significantly impacted. Thus an alliance between Teenage Cancer Trust and Bluestone has further potential positive dynamics.

We will endeavour to forge an ongoing relationship with Teenage Cancer Trust so that we can provide quality, fun, short break experiences for families of cancer sufferers and maybe national events bringing many similarly effected families together Bluestone is a significant new business within our National park, Pembrokeshire and indeed Wales. It has impressive social economic and environmental credentials which are entirely appropriate in this day and age.

It has indeed been a great privilege but also a significant responsibility to be given the sanction to build and operate such a business in beautiful countryside in a stunning part of West Wales. Thus compassion, benevolence and creative partnerships to make a real difference within our communities are entirely appropriate whilst maintaining strong financial objectives.